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Proficency level 0 and level's 1,2,3 G.G, W.A.G, M.A.C COACHES ALWAYS WANTED other disciplines welcome also






















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Sponsership required for 2 new volunteer coaches to help pay for their training courses,

if you can help in any way please contact us



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We need more coaches.

Due to the success of our club we require:


Proficency level 0 coaches

Womens artistic levels 1,2,3

Mens artistic levels 1,2,3

Genereral gymnastics levels 1,2,3

Would like to grow our team gym, rhythmic, tumbling and other disciplines as well?

Why not come and join us?


Trainee coaches also welcome, and those willing to commit to learning coaching  (must be min of 14 years of age to learn to coach) no experience required



End of year  display and awards night 2012

What a fantastic day and evening it was, with last dress rehearsals in the morning, while the committee and friends of the club finished setting up stalls and arena chairs.

All to quickly it was display time.

Lights dimmed projectors and music started with a laser light show, the spot lights on and lead by the Olympic torch in marched our gymnasts.

And so the display began with our beginners class on floor, followed by a fantastic array of gymnastics skills on Beam, Bars and floor showing skills from all sectors of the club. this was finished off by a display of advanced gymnastics by regional and county gymnasts followed by a vaulting display by all gymnasts.


a short interval and rearrangement of the floor area


The gymnasts return to the front of the arena floor and we are ready to present the trophies, medals and certificates.

Beginning with the club level 1 certificate ( our first entry level award after the core proficiency)

this was followed by bronze silver and gold placings for each individual piece and effort in level.

The final awards for level 1 were the overal  winners for the level

We then moved to level 2 awards and they followed the same format as level 1

but in vault we were proud to end with 3 gold medals and trophies due to the gymnasts receiving perfect scores on the piece and 2 others getting silver with a 98% score also.

prior to the awards for gymnast of the year and runner up, we were proud to announce the winner of the coach of the year award as voted by the club gymnasts to Racheal Bird.

after a short build we anounced

 The Gymnast Of The Year Runner Up


Gemma Baker

and the




with cheers, whistles and applause still ringing in our ears the parents were invited down to take photos of there children with there awards.

The awards were finished of with the cutting of the amazing awards cake made specially for us and a disco.



We would like to thanks some of the many people that made this all possible:















Extraordinary General Meeting

1st September 2012


Meeting opened at 13.30


Present: Anne Marrie Cooke, Sarah Potter, Lisa Taylor, Hayley Humphrey, Lorraine Bird, Kaysha Baker,

 Ali Fisher, Pearl Ireson, Julie Andrews, Claire Murdoch

Apologise: Sarah Clears, Kate Atkins, Sara Sayer


Nomination of Committe members


Chair :                                     Adam Potter                1st  PI               2nd KA            

Vice Chair:                              Julie Andrews                         1st  AMC          2nd SP

Secretary:                               Sarah Potter                1st AMC           2nd CM

Secretary (BG)                       Anne Marrie Cooke    1st SP              2nd CM

Welfare Officer:                      Claire Murdoch           1st LT               2nd AMC

                                                Ali Fisher                     1st SP              2nd AMC

Treasurer:                               Lisa Taylor                  1st PI                2nd SS


Admin Officer 1:                     Lorraine Clements               1st SP              2nd AP

Admin Officer 2:                     Vacant

Health and Safety/fire:            Kate Atkins (DCL)       1st SP              2nd CM

Press Officer                          Pearl Ireson                 1st AMC           2nd SP

                                                Julie Andrews

Volunteer Coordinator:            Claire Murdoch           1st AMC           2nd AF

Disability Officer:                    Anne Marrie Cooke keep for now

Coaching Rep:                        Anne Marrie Cooke    1st KA              2nd AP

Partner Liaison:                       Ali Fisher                     1st AMC           2nd LT

Fundraising Coordinator:        Sara Sayer                  1st SP              2nd PI

Competition/Events Coord:    Hayley Riley               1st AMC           2nd SP

Parent Representative:           Kaysha Baker

                                                Hayley Humphrey      1st SP              2nd LT

                                                Becky Brown

Gymnast Liaison:                    Sammie Mylum          1st SP              2nd CM


There is an opportunity to have a Admin Officer to support Treasurer.  AMC explained that there are courses to attend if needed.  There is a need to have a hand over meeting with AMC Necton GC as well as having signatories changed for bank account.

Welfare Officers need to give AMC copies of any relevant qualifications they hold in relation to Child Protection and Safeguarding.


Committee members will be asked to attend between 4 and 6 meetings a year.  More may be needed at the beginning as lots of items need to be organised and sorted out.



1.    Change of name from AMC Necton Gymnastic Club to Fakenham and Necton Gymnastics Club

Unanimous vote to change name to Fakenham and Necton Gymnastics Club.


2.    Change of venue from Necton Primary School to Fakenham Sports and Leisure Centre.

Unanimous vote to change venue to Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre.


3.    Change of club membership fee from £22.50 a year to £10 a year.

Unanimous vote to change club membership fee to £10 a year.


4.    Need to decide whether Gymnastic Club will be run as business, charity or community sports club.

AMC explained that this was going to be next step for Necton and that now there is a years finance a decision needs to be made.  It needs to be researched and bought to the table.



Necton Gym Club could open again as a satellite club if there is a call for it.  There would need to be a Level 2 coach available to run this club or any other satellite club that could be set up.




Running of Gymnastic Club

·         To be a British Gymnastics Club there needs to be a minimum of 10 gymnasts paying BG membership

·         At least one person needs to attend Club Management Module run by BG (AMC done but another could attend)

·         AMC explained the need for a yearly Development Plan that shows the long term pathway for Gymnasts

·         The Club need to adhere to Club for all – an open club with no discrimination against ability unless it too expensive to do

·         Have to agree and accept BG Child Protection Policy and Health and Safety Welfare Policy – all staff and committee members have to have Child Protection certificates – cost £10-15 per person payable by the Club.  Any updates to these policies will be printed and added to appropriate file

·         The Club needs to have equality – no race, creed, colour or sex discrimination – a course is available for this

·         Adhere to documents from Sports Coach UK and Sport England

·         Follow the law in relation to inclusivity, disability and equality.  Always follow British law then BG

·         There is a need to minute any changes to the Constitution.

·         Coaches (voluntary or self employed) and committee adhere to a Code of Conduct.

·         Coaches will be self employed and will be asked to supply a service.

·         The gymnasts will adhere to the Club Rules.

·         A board is needed with names, photos and committee roles

·         BG membership

                                      i.        Bronze for certain committee members and competing gymnasts at local level

                                     ii.        Silver for Level 1 coaches and competing gymnasts at higher level

                                    iii.        Gold for Level 2 upwards coaches

                                   iv.        British Gymnastics Club membership £100 a year – discounts can be made

·         BG membership includes insurance for injury on sliding scale, no quibble or blame policy as gymnastics is seen as a high risk sport

·         Amalgamation would bring £2-3k and equipment to Fakenham & Necton Gymnastics Club

·         Funds available through EC Gymnastics for Child Protection/Equality and Welfare courses.


Extra Hours and Fakenham & Necton Club membership

·         If gymnast chooses to be recreational only there is no need to pay BG, EC and club membership

·         If gymnast chooses to compete either in friendly, local, regional etc then they need to pay BG, EC and club membership

·         Gymnasts from 5 years upwards can compete in friendly competitions and from 8 years up in grading and non grading competitions (can choose to do one piece in non grading if want to)

·         Question is do they want to compete.

·         On a Friday AMC can have 16 children but due to the harder skills and moves children are doing the number needs to be 8-10.  To allow lower grade gymnasts to come there is a need for a Level 1 voluntary coach as coaches attached to the Leisure Centre will need paying.

·         A possibility of the Club paying a block fee was discussed (both ones run by the Club and ones run by the Leisure Centre) which would allow committee members the chance to pay DD monthly into the Club account to replace funds.

·         SP shared possible cost of 10 week course for Friday as being between £50 and £55.











·         Larrisa Level 1 coach may be leaving due to work and college.

·         Adam, Lily and Rachael going on course paid by Leisure Centre (may be subsidised by Active Norfolk) for Level 1 coaching.  Possibility of Adam doing add on for Men’s Gymnastics once qualified.

·         Once qualified Adam would do voluntary coaching on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

·         AMC offered the possibility of training another Level 1 Coach (Chris Mylum) and explained that to build capacity for the boys that are joining there would be a need for Coaches that had been trained for Male Gymnastics.  Chris would be a volunteer coach and once qualified would do add on for Men’s Gymnastics.

Vote: Would cost of training Chris Mylum as Level 1 coach be covered by Fakenham & Necton Gymnastics Club.

Unanimous vote for the cost of Chris Mylum’s coaching course to be paid from Club account.



AMC explained this is like an OFSTED.  They check if the club is meeting standards  Necton passed this but as venue and name has changed there is a need for Gym Mark to visit Fakenham to check standards.

GymMark visit every 3 years and the Club need to send information to them on a yearly basis.



KB       Is there a nominated First Aider?

AMC    There is a nominated First Aider for the Leisure Centre and AMC is qualified First Aid and First Responder


CM      Will Adult gymnastics be part of the Gym Club?

AMC    It could be but at the moment due to declining numbers the Leisure centre has said it is not viable


JA        How many coaches are needed at a time?

AMC    Depends on numbers


CM      Will committee members have relevant documentation to their role?

AMC    Yes, also if they attend courses the documentation will be given to them.


SP       If a gymnast is BG and EC registered do they still need to pay £3.50 admin charge on courses run

            by the Leisure Centre

AMC    Admin charge would still need to be paid for Leisure Centre courses.


Date and Time of next meeting:

Saturday 6th October 1pm at Fakenham Sports and Leisure Centre



Good luck to our 4 coaches taking there Women's Artistic assistant coach awards on 21st October.


Tumble mats and second beam arrived at Fakenham, with new wedge, support block, and metal bar on order.


purchase of new floor mats planned for October, giving us a better working area to train for competitions.


Saturday October 6th 2012

Meeting opened at 1.05pm



Sarah Potter, Anne Marrie Cooke, Adam Potter, Sharon Wheller, Hayley Humphrey, Alison Fisher, Lorraine Clements, Kaysha Baker, Lisa Taylor, Sara Sayer, Kate Atkins



Hayley Reid, Pearl, Colin


1.    Minutes of EGM accepted at a true account of meeting

2.    Members elected accepted as committee

3.    Change of constitution accepted

4.    AMC shared accounts – balance on 21 September 2012 £3345.51.  Outstanding cheque of £600+ for British Gymnastics for membership fees.  Accounts have been verified and checked end of financial year 2012

5.    AMC shared statement for coaching as well as statement from Chairperson stepping down.  See appendix 1

6.    No AOB


AGM closed at 1.25pm


Committee Meeting

Saturday October 6th 2012



Sarah Potter, Anne Marrie Cooke, Adam Potter, Sharon Wheller, Hayley Humphrey, Alison Fisher, Lorraine Clements, Kaysha Baker, Lisa Taylor, Sara Sayer, Kate Atkins



Hayley Reid, Pearl , Colin


1.    CM questioned who the committee was for and their role and responsibility

The committee is responsible for all children who are paid (BG and Club) members of Fakenham & Necton Gymnastics Club.

They are responsible for the paid members of staff – only AMC as rest of coaches are voluntary.

CM who would you go to if had a child protection issue during the Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Friday sessions?

During a Mon, Wed and Sat session any CP or safeguarding issue needs to go to the front desk, even if child is member of F&G.  If child member of F&N this issue then also needs to be reported to the Welfare Officer (Alison Fisher)

CM voiced that the committee shouldn’t be running yet as members that need CRB have not been done as yet, especially those of the Welfare Officers.  AMC – BG are aware of the name change of the club and are aware that the club is in transition. 

SP said all issues need to go through DC Leisure until CRB done as all children take part in DC Leisure sessions.


2.    SP questioned the need for contracts for committee members and voluntary coaches.

AMC explained that is a voluntary contract that says how many hours each committee member or coach is willing to give to F&N. 

SP questioned the need for coaches (AP, Lily and Rachael) to sign as they would not be coaching in the Friday session run by F&N.

AMC explained that as the club organised a reduction in cost all coaches being trained have offered some time voluntary if needed.

AP needs to be CRBd for DC Leisure as this has not been done, he is CRBd for BG only.


3.    SP questioned about the insurance for the Friday pm sessions

AMC explained that all members of F&N Club have joined BG so are insured through this.  This insurance is a no quibble payout.  Public Liability is through the F&N membership to BG.


4.    SS questioned about register for each session to make sure all children who attend are fully paid up

KA said that all children who are on the system are on the register that is handed to AMC for each session.  This register is then taken to make sure who is in the hall for health and safety reasons.

Necton Gymnasts need to be on the system so that they are shown on this register list.


5.    SS questioned that all children who attend should pay for all sessions

The issue of a non paying child was bought up.  The possibility of have Go for It! Funding for this child.  LT said she would look into and report back.

It was questioned how this child can take part in sessions in relation to Health and Safety and insurance.

AMC said she was insured under her insurance as well as under BG membership.  It was still made clear that the child concerned needs to be on the register for the session she attends for Health and Safety reasons.

AMC explained that the child concerned family are having difficulty and that she feels that her relationship with this child and family allows her to pay personally for this child to attend. 


6.    SP questioned parents watching the children during sessions

AMC explained that BG have an open policy where parents are allowed to watch.  BG is open, sport that encourages parents to watch.  It must be visible due to some aspects of the training.  Parents are vigilant and challenge what is going on.

Could parents watch through the glass?

KA to check DC Leisure rulings on parents watching sessions.


7.    AP read letter from Colin Breczek – see appendix 2.


8.    LT questioned how the Friday session was going.

SP said that we are now in process of booking the hall for a Friday – it will be starting on Friday 9th November at the cost of £45 for a 10 week session. 

SP asked where the address of F&N Gymnastic Club address was to put on the invoice.

AMC 8 South Street, Great Dunham, King’s Lynn, PE32 2LH as this is the registered office of F&N Club


9.    CM questioned where the money raised is going.

SW said that it would be for the benefit of everyone doing gym in all sessions but it would belong to F&N Gym club is the money comes from that account.


10. AMC informed committee that some of the mats have been condemned and that DC Leisure are willing to pay £1200 towards the new mats. AMC asked the committee if they would agree to paying up to £2000 to by 4 42ft by 6ft mats that would make up a floor for the children to have to practice floor routine on.

Vote was unanimous in agreement.  JA was going to see if she could get it cheaper.


11. AMC reported that Active Norfolk were covering the cost of all 4 Level 1 coaches.


12. SP to find paperwork for the club becoming a Community Club


13. AMC said that now we have members of BG that she can take 6 boys and 6 girls to the Norfolk squad training once a month.


14. Paperwork was given out in relation to roles in the committee.


15. Went through policies – Health and Safety, Safeguarding and CP – BG policies that were accepted by committee.


16. AMC said that BG Facebook policy is that no coach can be friends with gymnasts. 


17. Publicity – JA to write up display and send this and photo into newspapers.


18.  Fundraising

Jamie at home on Thursday 18th October

Sponsored Marathon in May – Adam and Chris

See Sara Sayer for bag packing

Sponsored Circuit training

Christmas Fare?


19. No  AOB


Date of next meeting

Saturday 17th November 1pm at Leisure Centre


Julie Andrews, Claire Murdoch